“Alright now, I wanna talk to you all about this song, the name of this song is Dominance and Submission. Now along about this time every night I like to get down with a little Dominance and Submission, tell you all about it. Now,
Dominance and Submission, why that can mean a lot of things in your life. Some of them bother me, some
of them bother you. I‚ll tell you about two of ’em here
tonight. Only because this is so close to my heart and I’m sure it’s close to yours too. Tonight I want to talk to you about getting high a little bit.

[cheers] Now, from what I understand, all my friends here, all 14-15,000 of you people here tonight, get a little hassled on the way in. Maybe somebody’s taken away something from you that you paid some good money for just to get high for the show. [bass blast] Now that’s not so unusual considering how close to Washington DC this place is. I wanna ask you a question, you tell me if this is true: You ever wonder why the price of good Colombian keeps getting higher all the time? [cheers] I’ll tell you why, here’s the answer, it’s very simple: it has to do with all those people who work there in those big buildings in Washington DC.

Some of you people, you might think there’s nothing you can do about it but you’re wrong, there’s plenty you can do about it, I’ll tell you what. You know, here we are in Maryland playing a little rock n roll for you people, you don’t want to… In the whole world, there‚s no place better to play rock n roll in than the United States of America. [cheers] We played everywhere. Without a doubt, I will tell you. We’ve been to Scandinavia, we’ve been to Germany, we’ve been to Spain, we’ve been all over Europe. United States of America is the greatest country in the whole world. [cheers] And I’ll tell you why. I’ll tell you why. Thats because this is a true democracy. This is where the majority of the people say what’s happening. Why, do you know how much power you really have? Half the population in the United States is under the age of 25 years old. [cheers] All you have to do, you have to let the people down there in DC, you have to let em know the way you feel.

So I got an idea, why just about two more weeks, we got Mr. Carter coming down here to live. Maybe after the
concert tonight you’ll go home, get out a paper. And a pen. You write a letter [inaud] Georgia, you say ‘Dear Mr. Carter, Me and my friends, Mr. Carter, me and my friends are sick and tired of getting hassled. [cheers] A matter of fact, Mr. Carter, a matter of fact, me and my friends, we wanna get high and we don’t want to go to jail for it. [bass blast] Yeah, right on! Whoo. Yeah! Yeah! Just remember I’m talking to you tonight right here all about Dominance and

I’ll tell you one more thing while I’m thinking about it. Here’s another one that bothers me, something you can put right there in that letter. I’ll tell you, this bothers me almost as much as all those repressive drug laws. I’ll tell you what it is. I AM SICK AND TIRED–I AM SICK AND TIRED, EVERYBODY! OF THE 55 MILE PER HOUR SPEED LIMIT! [cheers, bass blast]

I mean I want to get my motor running! I mean, what’s the point of having a hog sitting in the garage and it can’t go over 55?!? [cheers, bass blast]

Yeah! Alright, Dominance and Submission! Don’t forget now, now we’re gonna sing it, we gonna sing it,
let‚s get a groove on!…”

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