Written by Grant Morrison;
art by Chris Weston and Gary Erskine; painted cover by Carlos Segura

In stores June 5.

Grant Morrison‚s new, top-secret
series for VERTIGO is here.  Get ready for the heady brew of psychedelia
that you‚ve come to crave from the fan-favorite writer of New X-Men. 
Prosthetically-outfitted dolphins in scuba gear, a hard-smoking chimpanzee
who dresses like a guard at the Kremlin and some cryptic pronouncements
that something sneaky is going on right under our very noses is just the
beginning of the world-class weirdness to come.

Morrison‚s return to VERTIGO
with this 13-issue maxiseries guarantees readers the heady brew of big
ideas, exotic locales and bizarre action that they‚ve come to crave from
the fan-favorite writer.  Fans have had their imagination rocked by
his previous groundbreaking works such as ANIMAL MAN, DOOM PATROL and THE
INVISIBLES, and watched as the writer helped reinvent and revitalize JLA
and X-Men.  Now, joined by the stunning visuals of penciller Chris
Weston (Ministry of Space, THE INVISIBLES) & inker Gary Erskine (THE
AUTHORITY), Morrison‚s new series THE FILTH shows all the signs of an instant
classic.  And speaking of notable art, the covers by progressive designer
Carlos Segura stretch the boundaries of what has been previously seen,
continuing VERTIGO‚s commitment to cutting-edge comics.

You‚ve seen the images. 
You‚ve heard the buzz („THE FILTH is everything I can’t do in a mainstream
comic like X-Men,‰ says Morrison).  The time for THE FILTH is now. 
What does all this have to do with the Way We Live Today?  Want to
know more about THE HAND and STATUS: Q?  That would be telling? 
And our lips are sealed until June 5th!

THE FILTH is a 13-issue VERTIGO
maxiseries edited by Karen Berger and is suggested for mature readers. 
The 32-page issue #1 arrives in comic-book stores June 5 with a cover price
of $2.95 U.S.”

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