Jodorowsky's "Holy Mountain" on DVD.

Jodorowsky’s two most famous films, the original ‘midnight movies’ on DVD, fully uncut and presented in their correct screen ratios, along with an informative book makes this the essential cult movie boxset release.

El Topo is Jodorowsky’s unique spiritual western, which takes on the ritual violence of Sam Peckinpah and the grotesque humour of Sergio Leone to roughly sketch an apology on the oppression and arrogance of power. This film is a journey through tragedy and anarchy, myth and revolution, paganism and holy scripture, classicism and surrealism, artistic performance and cinematic action. El Topo remains an essential, raw work of instinctive, visceral power created by one of the most visionary filmmakers in cinematic history.

The Holy Mountain (aka La Montagna Sacra), Jodorowsky’s tantric masterpiece is presented here on DVD, in undoubtedly the best condition ever on any home video format, thankfully at last losing the cursed ‘fogging’ that ruined the old Japanese home video editions. Cinema for Jodorowsky is none other than great magic, an elaborate alchemical process. The Holy Mountain is probably the film that best represents the idea of art as an inner quest, a journey of initiation but also artifice and boundless illusion. In the cinema, surrealism has perhaps never achieved such expressive, almost explosive, power as in the work of this remarkable filmmaker who knows Holy Scripture like the back of his hand. Poised between erotic delirium and political satire; the cabala and cartoons; catastrophism and salvation; Catholicism and heresy; horror and cinema verite; violence and spirituality; performance and narration, The Holy Mountain is utterly essential for anyone who claims to love cinema.

El Topo Special features:
Academy ratio
Spanish language soundtrack in Dolby Digital 2.0
Optional subtitles in English or Italian
Interview with Jodorowsky expert Massimo Monteleone

The Holy Mountain Special features:
2.35:1 widescreen
English or Italian language soundtracks in Dolby Digital 2.0
Interview with Jodorowsky expert Massimo Monteleone