world wide tuning meditation

7:00 PM August 21, 2007
Damrosch Park Lincoln Center Out of Doors Festival NYC
Malibu Creek State Park, CA

There will at first be clouds or clusters of sounds. Eventually the clouds and clusters transform into harmonies, with common tones moving through the sound field as tuning takes place on many levels, actually and metaphorically.

The World Wide Tuning Meditation is offered in the spirit of bringing many people together through sharing a simple way of sounding and listening together. Sounding in the way proposed is open to all regardless of experience. Language is not a barrier as there are no words, only vowel sounds that are common to all.

Each person is invited to make their own private and silent dedication of intentions for this community of voices to have effect, personally and for radiating to others, out to the world.
How would you like for your sound to affect the world?

Tuning score by Pauline Oliveros

The World Wide Tuning Meditation (2007)
Begin by taking a deep breath and letting it all the way out with air sound.
Listen with your mind’s ear for a tone.
On the next breath using any vowel sound, sing the tone that you have silently perceived on one comfortable breath.
Listen to the whole field of sound the group is making.
Select a voice distant from you and tune as exactly as possible to the tone you are hearing from that voice.
Listen again to the whole field of sound the group is making.
Contribute by singing a new tone that no one else is singing.
Continue by listening then singing a tone of your own or tuning to the tone of another voice alternately.
Always keep the same tone for any single breath. Change to a new tone on another breath.
Listen for distant partners for tuning
Sound your new tone so that it may be heard distantly.
Communicate with as many difference voices as possible.
Sing warmly!

For more information and to commit to perform in NYC check out the Deep Listening Institute.
Sympathetic activity happening in the abandoned water tower in Malibu State Park. Info here.

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