Bob Dylan "I'm Not There" trailer – hopefully you will be when the new Todd Haynes movie hits theatres

The jury is still way out about Todd Haynes new faux Dylan bio-pic “I’m Not There”. Admittedly, on a torn piece of paper from a Moleskine, it’s an amazing concept. However, can Haynes make a musical bio-pic that wins over the hearts of Dylan fans worldwide?

Hmm, a lot yet to be revealed. I went to see Velvet Goldmine in an empty movie theatre at the Como Park mall outside of Buffalo, NY when it came out and I think I was the only person that attended any of the showings.

“I’m Not There” is an amalgamation of the mythology of Dylan’s life and career played out by many different actors through many years. Cate Balnchett pulls a David Duchovny playing Bob in his prime. Look out for David Cross, former Arthur mag cover boy, playing the role of a lifetime: Allen Ginsberg.

David Cross:


Coming to the Film Forum in NYC Wednesday, November 21 – Tuesday, December 4.

Good time to rent Masked and Anonymous again.

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