"Think fondly of Eachother" by Bree

Think fondly of Eachother
This is what we are


Also know we are alone together
And will die the same


in the cooler
          of the mind,
the elevators
       corridors and yes the
                             sole stairwalker
               even now he whistles
                             thinking fondly of eachother

A leaf drags along the ground for miles


A cricket intermittently makes an


What it is we share
    When we mow each our own

When we type for one

                 When we meet the mailman
At the door it is in unison

Turn madness into roars
            Of joking with eachother
                         Tears paper thin the walls of
                                    Anger at eachother like
                             Birthday cakes and chicken
                       With butter for eachother
               For this is all we are


This poem is from Bree’s “Was Chicken Trax Amid Sparrows Tread,” available at abebooks.com, or send check/cash/MO for $10 per book plus $2 shipping & handling, to
Green Panda Press
3174 Berkshire Road
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

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