"PINK TOMBS" pt. 2 by Pete Toms

Here’s part 2 of Pete Toms‘ new comic for Arthur Magazine, “PINK TOMBS”.

it’s a comic based on the idea that the fictions we experience (books/movies/songs) and the ones we create are just as ‘real’ to us as our ‘real life’ experiences, especially when dealing with memory.
it’s something i’ve thought a lot about since i watched masters of the universe on dvd a couple of years ago and realized that much of my remembered childhood was actually he-man’s life. though i did have a cat that let me ride it around my neighborhood and i was surrounded by muscular, gay men throughout my younger years, there’s not much he-man and i have in common. identity is interesting to me especially with how it’s built by memory and how much that is tied up in the things we experience in our imagination as much as the things we experience physically. and i think it’s even kind of weirder now, as opposed to my eternia years, as everyone blogs about their lives. we’re all building a sort of public internet persona as well as our ‘real’ one. i’m rambling. which is why a drew a story about it, i guess. – Pete Toms

Read part 1 here to revisit what happened before.






6 thoughts on “"PINK TOMBS" pt. 2 by Pete Toms

  1. I’m really digging this so far, out of all the great underground comics upp’ed by y’all at arthur I think I’ve latched onto this one most of all! this strips got a righteous groove to it

    keep it rolling pete!

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