'PINK TOMBS' limited edition print run available now!

Get your very own physical copy of Pete Toms’ Pink Tombs by clicking on this link here.  Some sweet FAQ from Pete’s livejounal:


What the fuck are you talking about?
Pink Tombs was a comic I did a few months ago for the Arthur Blog. If you want to read a 20 page preview of the 20 page comic you can there:
part 1 part 2 part 3

I read it online, why would I want to buy a print version?
While I agree that print is a dying industry, I’ve tried to include some incentives that weren’t possible in the internet version: 1) There are a random number of variant covers. While some companies try to entice you with foil or hologram wrap around covers, my comic is the first to feature the ‘Thumbprint Variant’. Every few covers will probably have my soapy thumb print somewhere on it as I obsessively wash my hands 10 times an hour. I am always worried they’re sticky and/or covered in germs. I have yet to figure out if this stickiness is physical or mental, but I hear germs are real.

2) Besides the variant, there are actual covers on the print copy. There were no covers online.

3) If you have never bought a comic before, or haven’t bought one recently you are missing out on belonging to an exclusive club called ‘comic fandom’ Have you ever wanted to tell people your opinions on things even if they didn’t ask you or aren’t even talking about the same topic? Have you ever wanted to laugh at someone’s lack of knowledge about Gambit? Have you ever wanted to accuse a guy that just like, draws fucking Spider-Man, of metaphorical rape? Have you ever wanted to complain about how things were better when you were younger, and kids today don’t know what they’re doing, like you’re a 60 year old man, even though you’re in your 20s or 30s? Comic fandom is for you. But you can’t just read webcomics. Try mentioning that in a comic book store. You will be laughed away. Unless you’re a woman, then there might be leering and confused mumbling. Unless it’s one of those cool, indie stores, then they’ll be like ‘yes webcomics’, stroke their beards and make sweet love to you (man or woman) and then write nice things about you on their blog.

"PINK TOMBS" pt. 3 by Pete Toms

The end of Pink Tombs. Wherein pre-natal wisdom is re-revealed and remembered once again. Pete says he’s going to celebrate this comic’s completion by going to sleep for 3 months. Read the first couple chapters here and here. Thanks for the artwork Pete, this is my favorite one yet. I see you’re already wearing your spacesuits, time machine is set for cruise control, let’s go! — Jason Leivian

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"PINK TOMBS" pt. 2 by Pete Toms

Here’s part 2 of Pete Toms‘ new comic for Arthur Magazine, “PINK TOMBS.”

it’s a comic based on the idea that the fictions we experience (books/movies/songs) and the ones we create are just as ‘real’ to us as our ‘real life’ experiences, especially when dealing with memory.
it’s something i’ve thought a lot about since i watched masters of the universe on dvd a couple of years ago and realized that much of my remembered childhood was actually he-man’s life. though i did have a cat that let me ride it around my neighborhood and i was surrounded by muscular, gay men throughout my younger years, there’s not much he-man and i have in common. identity is interesting to me especially with how it’s built by memory and how much that is tied up in the things we experience in our imagination as much as the things we experience physically. and i think it’s even kind of weirder now, as opposed to my eternia years, as everyone blogs about their lives. we’re all building a sort of public internet persona as well as our ‘real’ one. i’m rambling. which is why a drew a story about it, i guess. – Pete Toms

Read part 1 here to revisit what happened before.

Jason Leivian

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"PINK TOMBS" by Pete Toms

We’re pleased to share a new comic Pete Toms created specifically for the website.  Pete sent me some notes for a script he was working on:

Just wanted to let you know I’m working out the script for the Arthur blog.  It’s essentially going to be about the relationship between two people that get fed up with popular furry culture and realize they like to dress up like Spiegelman’s maus characters and have sex with each other.  But that’s just on the surface.  Obviously it’s really about the death of corporate culture.

Not really.  Though after typing that it doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

Pete, I wanna read that comic!  Fortunately the idea he went with is just as cool and the execution is gorgeous.  PINK TOMBS OF YOUTH is about a cartoonist with memory problems that’s having trouble distinguishing between his comics and reality.  Here’s the first 6 pages… 

Jason Leivian

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