May 11, ALI_FIB Gigs Comes to Brooklyn!

Parisian curator, critic, and all-around weird music guru Maxime Guitton is the kind of guy that any DIY community would love to have around. Since 2003, his has been gracing the French capital with evening after evening of choice musical and visual phenomena–most of them in some way left of center, and all of them handpicked with love. Ali_Fib Gigs, which he co-runs with Benjamin Tellier and Jérôme Boutinot, has organized some sixty shows and festivals in Europe, in sites ranging from music venues, squats, and churches to crypts, art galleries, and museums. He also curated the music component of the “Psychedelic Explorations in France, 1968” fest at the CAPC museum in Bordeaux last year, which examined the history of psychedelia from a French perspective and the legacy of the late 1960s in the so-called “third psychedelic revolution” of the present.

This Monday, people in the New York area (lucky ducks!) can get the ALI_FIB experience in their very own backyard. Or, more specifically, at Matchless in Brooklyn, with a killer evening of music by raga guitar legend Peter Walker (and one-time musical director under Dr. Timothy Leary), David Daniell, and Carter Thornton. Wow.

Peter Walker + David Daniell +Thornton
Monday May 11th – 9pm – $8
557 Manhattan Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11222
Nassau Ave. (G) / Bedford Ave. (L)

poster by Zeloot

If you can’t make it out the show, check out the Ali_Fib-curated “Err on the Good Side” compilation, recently released on the Swiss-French micro-label, Three:Four. Featuring Amen Dunes, Ben Nash, Duane Pitre, El-g, Sus & Jakob, Hellvete, Illitch, Liberez, Mike Wexler, Sir Richard Bishop, and Steve Gunn.

2 thoughts on “May 11, ALI_FIB Gigs Comes to Brooklyn!

  1. Let’s not forget this show is part of the continuing series: “This is Pop?” which is co-curated by Casey Block. Casey co-owns Eat Records in Greenpoint and co-hosts “Just Music” on East Village Radio. “This is Pop?”presents quality jams every monday night at Bar Matchless.

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