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This just in from archivist/cartoonist/musician/magazine-maker/radio host/enthusiast/longtime Arthur contributor Steve Krakow AKA Plastic Crimewave (…

A Lot of News!
*At last my dream has been realized—we’re CLASSIC ROCK!!! Move over Rush or Kansas–or is it Hendrix and thee Doors? Toto anyone? Kyuss? sure….

*The solo banjo/voice Sir Plastic Crimewave cassette, “Bait/Switch Banjo Raga/Rags” is out on As Above So Below tapes, featuring little ditties and extended modal jams. featuring full-color artwork too, they’re available at Reckless and Permanent Records, and I have a few copies for sale.

*The limited hand-painted Folk and Violence CDR, “Wolf Blues” is out on UK-based Apollolaan Recordings.
Featuring Little Howlin Wolf, PCW, Mark Lux, Chris Heightchew, Lawrence Peters (on metal chair), this long track features a killer set of blooz, drones and general cacophony played at Enemy in 2008.
For more info/ordering:

*Also finally available is the new T-shirt design i did for Permanent Records–very retrofuturistic Hawkwind-ish in inspiration–my fave is the metallic silver ink on black design (also gold and a blue version) but i’m very happy how they turned out overall….i guess they’re sellin’ like hotcakes so get ’em before they’re gone at ol Permanent Records on Chicago ave.

*A lot of you folks have been asking me about the Sandy Bull film screening July 1 at the Chopin Theatre–here’s a description from the filmmaker:
“No Deposit No Return Blues” is a documentary K.C. Bull made about her father, psychedelic rock legend Sandy Bull. He played the role of the outsider, writing meditations on his instrument and bringing classical music to the cosmic happening. He was many things, but the way the film remembers him is through his instrument and how it connected him to the outside world. In the early sixties, before such six-string heroes as Ry Cooder, Leo Kottke and Richard Thompson impressed with their ability to hop among and fuse musical genres, Sandy Bull glided from classical and jazz to ethnic music and rock & roll with grace and verve. Incorporating elements of folk, jazz, Indian and Arabic-influenced dronish modes, Bull’s ethereal, psychedelic folk-rock recordings– which looked beyond American roots music for its inspiration–and performances, made him a cult-hero to a generation of musicians and adventurous audiences. In 2001 Bull died of lung cancer, but not before his daughter began to fashion a personal portrait of a gifted musician and moving ode to a father and daughter relationship.
The film is KC Bull’s understated way of saying, “Have you heard of my dad? No? Oh, you should.” I agree, you should.
Performing will be DRMWPN, 500MG and Ultimate Vag, and Drag City DJs.

*The full line-up is set for the NY Guitarkestra! Tell yer NY peeps to come out and rok:
Thee Plastic Crimewave Vision Celestial Guitarkestra will be happening at the Cakeshop June 26, with openers Prince Ruperts Drops, Samara Lubelski and the Bubble Electric, and Puffy Areolas (from Ohio–they rule). Hope you are down with helping lift us to the sonic heavens –if you or someone you know wants to join in the ruckus, load-in is at 8pm (it’s a first come, first-serve/play sorta deal, as the space is small) and please bring a guitar/amp/powerstrip/extension cord (if possible). Special guests include members of Oneida, Charalambides, Espers, Metalux, Tower Recordings, Bunnybrains, White Hills, La Otracina, Vetiver and more!!!

*Also a November 11 date has been set for the next GZDisk/Drag City vinyl reissue release, “Introducing Ryan Trevor”–a pop outsider somewhere in between Emitt Rhodes and R.Stevie Moore maybe…?

And this week…..
Wednesday June 4–
My first DJ gig at the Whistler, 2421 N. Milwaukee Ave. Logan Square–9:30pm-1:30am.
I’ll be spinning all 45s of acid rock, bubblegum, french pop, krautrock, fuzz funk, 70s one-hit wonders, astral folk, garage rock, sweaty soul, hard boogie, psych-pop and more… come on out!

Saturday June 6–
We’ll let Lawence Peters’ description do the work here:
Plastic Crimewave Sound noises it out with Baltimore’s excellent Vincent Black Shadow at Chicago’s favorite car-repair-shed-turned-bar/venue Ronny’s (2101 N. California). The show starts at 9pm. Also on the bill are The Catburglars, Empty Heads, and The Conniption Fitts.

Sunday June 7–
the next official installment of the radio version of the ‘Secret History of Chicago Music’ will air at midnight central time on WGN 720AM on the Nick Digilio show.
This segment will feature th beginning of “Prog Awareness Month,” and will deal with froofy Champaign progsters Starcastle!
You outta-towners can catch the webcast/stream deal at:
and strips are archived on-line at:
and at:

June 13– DJing Gainsbourgs in Seattle
June 18–DJing Rodan
June 26–PCWVCGuitarkestra at the Cake Shop in NY, with Prince Ruperts Drops and Puffy Areolas…and very special guests!
July 1–Sandy Bull film “No Deposit, No Return Blues,” with DRMWPN, 500MG, Ultimate Vag at the Chopin Theatre
July 9–Million Tongues at Empty Bottle with Ya Ho Wha 13, Ga’an, Singleman Affair, Daughters of the Sun, Great Society Mind Destroyers, Plastic Boner Band
July 21–Galactic Zoo Dossier #8 hits the stands!
Aug 1–Moonrises at the Mopery
Aug 24–DRMWPN free show at empty bottle with Chandeliers and Roommate


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