Wednesday music: a 56-minute Grateful Dead Mix by Greg Davis


Download: Grateful Dead Mix, Vol 1 by Greg Davis mp3 (large file!)

the grateful dead
vol.1 mixed by greg davis
june 28th, 2005

1. feedback (live-fillmore west – 08/21/68)
2. china cat sunflower (from ‘aoxomoxoa’)
3. seastones (live-palace of fine arts – 11/28/73)
4. the main ten (from mickey hart’s ‘rolling thunder’)
5. ripple (from ‘american beauty’)
6. spidergawd (from jerry garcia’s ‘garcia’) + its good to be god rap (live-SF state acid test – 10/02/66)
7. that’s it for the other one (from ‘anthem of the sun’)
8. seastones (original fe. 1975 version) + what’s become of the baby (from ‘aoxomoxoa’)
9. new potato caboose (from ‘anthem of the sun’)
10. late for supper (from jerry garcia’s ‘garcia’) + nirvana army rap (live – SF state acid test – 10/02/66)
11. uncle john’s band (from ‘workingman’s dead’)
12. prankster sound collage #2 (live – SF state acid test – 10/02/66)
13. attics of my life (from ‘american beauty’)
14. prankster sound collage #3 (live-SF state acid test – 10/02/66) + fire on the mountain (mickey’s barn 1973)
15. st. stephen (live – harpur college – 05/02/70)
16. rolling thunder / shoshone invocation (from mickey hart’s ‘rolling thunder’) + seastones (live – 06/06/75)
17. we bid you goodnight (live-berkeley community theater – 08/15/71)

GREG DAVIS is a working musician. Here’s what he’s up to:

out now : ‘mutually arising’ cd on kranky
out now : ‘primes’ cd on autumn records
out now : sun circle ‘s/t’ lp on lichen / autumn

18 thoughts on “Wednesday music: a 56-minute Grateful Dead Mix by Greg Davis

  1. yep thats me! i think maybe you are referring to my album ‘curling pond woods’?

    enjoy the GD mix, back on the scene for JERRY WEEK!

    im working on a volume 2, coming soon!

  2. there is a link to the mp3 file right under the little player there at the top.
    or use this link:
    [audio src="" /]

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  5. this is a totally sick mix, thanks…was a nice refresher from the Jerry week rut I was getting into…

    Greg I think I recorded you once at Bottom of the hill in SF. with Hrvatski? send me an address offline and I will send a copy.

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  7. Wow, quite cool. I may spread the link a bit, in my on-and-off again attempt at trying to get friends to at least appreciate some aspects of the Dead.
    I think we’re of the same mind–chaos and good songs. Those are my two criteria at least.
    Over the past year I’ve found cool things sort of by searching the forum. Things like “angry” “noisy” and the like. Just not noodly and lethargic and burnt out, please! Or powered by MIDI! Pure blecchh!

    There is, for the impatient listener, a lot of “other stuff” to sift through to get to the reward. Like the ’74 Dark Star that Chamberlin wrote about. The payoff is great, but yeah…it’s like watching a beetle or a turtle try to get upright.

    But hearing this, as well as that “Grayfolded” album, I may try a similar experiment–steering clear of the material already mined, of course.

    Lastly, I’ll mention two things that made me happy while recently perusing the book Conversations With the Dead:

    –in ’81, Garcia was talking about post-punk’s potential for taking psychedelia into new and exciting areas. Not sure if he was talking about, say, The Fall, XTC, Wire and Talking Heads, all of whom were doing just that in ’81.
    I always wished they could have somehow, instead of that bullshit MIDI stuff, they could have somehow tuned into a Daydream Nation vibe in the late 80’s. Hope against hope, I know. I’ll blame Brent and Bob with their blues crap.

    –in 87, Robert Hunter was expressing his admiration for Nina Hagen and The Smiths, in particular Morrissey’s lyrics.

    Just love when the incongruous things I love fall together…

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