79-minute GRATEFUL DEAD MIX Volume 2 by Greg Davis


Grateful Dead Mix – Volume 2
by Greg Davis
(April / May 2010 – Burlington VT)

Stream: [audio:http://www.arthurmag.com/magpie/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/01-Grateful-Dead-Mix-Volume-2.mp3%5D

Download: Grateful Dead Mix Volume 2 (mp3, 146mb)

track listing:
Yamantaka (from Mickey Hart, Henry Wolff & Nancy Hennings Yamantaka) + Bill Graham Presents… (from The Bugs – unreleased radio play 1982)

Ollin Arageed (from Rocking the Cradle – live at the Pyramids Cairo Egypt 09/16/78)

Stage Banter / Technical Difficulties (live at Woodstock Festival Bethel NY 08/16/69) + Seastones (from Seastones Sessions 11/28/73)

Fire On The Mountain (live at the Pauley Pavilion UCLA Los Angeles CA 12/30/78)

Bugs On Broadway (from The Bugs – unreleased radio play 1982) + Magnesium Night Light (from Infrared Roses)

Casey Jones (from Workingman’s Dead Sessions)

Franklin’s Tower (from Blues for Allah)

…Quick, the Baby Is Crying… (from Home Recordings Summer 1969)
The Barbed Wire Whipping Party (from Aoxomoxa Outtakes)

Seastones (from Seastones Sessions 11/28/73) + Magnificent Sevens (from Diga Rhythm Band) + Music To Be Born By (from Mickey Hart Music To Be Born By)

Stella Blue (from Steal Your Face – live at The Winterland San Francisco CA 10/20/74)

Eyes Of The World (from Wake Of The Flood)

Crowd Sculpture (from Infrared Roses) + The Bells The Bells (from The Bugs – unreleased radio play 1982)

Ollin Arageed (live at Uptown Theatre Chicago IL 11/18/78)

China Doll (from From The Mars Hotel)

Drone Collage includes The Revolving Mask of Yamantaka + Yamantaka + Solar Winds (from Mickey Hart, Henry Wolff & Nancy Hennings Yamantaka) + Love Scene Improvisations (Take 4) (from Zabriskie Point Soundtrack outtakes by Jerry Garcia)

Touch of Grey (from In The Dark)

So it Came To Pass (from The Bugs – unreleased radio play 1982) + Seastones (from Seastones Sessions 11/28/73)

Dark Star (studio version from What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been)

Dark Star (live at The Family Dog San Francisco CA 08/30/69) + Dark Star (live at The Fillmore East New York NY 01/02/70) + The Bells The Bells Reprise (from The Bugs – unreleased radio play 1982)

Estimated Prophet (live at Barton Hall, Cornell University Ithaca NY 05/08/77)

Star Spangled Banner & Closing Remarks (from The Fillmore Acid Test San Francisco CA 01/08/66)

Bird Song (from Ladies and Gentlemen live at The Fillmore East New York NY 04/28/71)

Love Scene Improvisations (Take 3) (from Zabriskie Point Soundtrack outtakes by Jerry Garcia)

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Wednesday music: a 56-minute Grateful Dead Mix by Greg Davis


Download: Grateful Dead Mix, Vol 1 by Greg Davis mp3 (large file!)

the grateful dead
vol.1 mixed by greg davis
june 28th, 2005

1. feedback (live-fillmore west – 08/21/68)
2. china cat sunflower (from ‘aoxomoxoa’)
3. seastones (live-palace of fine arts – 11/28/73)
4. the main ten (from mickey hart’s ‘rolling thunder’)
5. ripple (from ‘american beauty’)
6. spidergawd (from jerry garcia’s ‘garcia’) + its good to be god rap (live-SF state acid test – 10/02/66)
7. that’s it for the other one (from ‘anthem of the sun’)
8. seastones (original fe. 1975 version) + what’s become of the baby (from ‘aoxomoxoa’)
9. new potato caboose (from ‘anthem of the sun’)
10. late for supper (from jerry garcia’s ‘garcia’) + nirvana army rap (live – SF state acid test – 10/02/66)
11. uncle john’s band (from ‘workingman’s dead’)
12. prankster sound collage #2 (live – SF state acid test – 10/02/66)
13. attics of my life (from ‘american beauty’)
14. prankster sound collage #3 (live-SF state acid test – 10/02/66) + fire on the mountain (mickey’s barn 1973)
15. st. stephen (live – harpur college – 05/02/70)
16. rolling thunder / shoshone invocation (from mickey hart’s ‘rolling thunder’) + seastones (live – 06/06/75)
17. we bid you goodnight (live-berkeley community theater – 08/15/71)

GREG DAVIS is a working musician. Here’s what he’s up to:

out now : ‘mutually arising’ cd on kranky
out now : ‘primes’ cd on autumn records
out now : sun circle ‘s/t’ lp on lichen / autumn


Friday afternoon meditation aid music: GREG DAVIS



Download: “Hall Of Pure Bliss” — Greg Davis

Excerpt from “Hall of Pure Bliss,” the second of the two lengthy pieces that comprise Greg Davis’s new album, Mutually Arising, just out on Kranky. Use as often as needed—it is impossible to overdose.

Album purchase info: http://kranky.net/

Tuesday New Age Jams: A different sort of "mothership connection"

Swing down sweet chariot ...

To those not yet in the know, all the true heads check in at the Crystal Vibrations audioblog for the cream of the crop in Nuevo Age jammage. CV is Greg Davis‘ thing mostly, if we’re going on number of posts, and his thoroughness with regard to the history and cultural relevance of New Age music suggests that the man has curated a staggering collection of some of the most mundane sounds ever conceived. (Davis, if you don’t know, has been creating very pleasant albums of sorta tribal ambient electronic stuff since the early ’00s.)

Keeping that in mind, the truly hype shit when it comes to New Age tunes is outta this world, and stands out as even more of a treasure given the genre’s overarching treacly nature. A reclamation and a reappropriation of the blissfully soporific is in effect here, engineered by the aforementioned Davis, along with likeminded pals such as White Rainbow‘s Adam Forkner.

So yeah: We’re STOKED that he’s back with his first post since early April. Namely, to quote Davis, “a real soother” in the form of David Parsons’ 1980 album, Sounds of the Mothership. The awesome picture up top sums it up: The best possible version of “bidi-puffing white dude hanging out by a waterfall, getting mellow on the sitar” you can imagine. Plus the requisite Tangerine Dream-style warbling synth drones and occasional cricket chirp and birdsong. So chill.

Click here to go get mellow with David Parsons at Crystal Vibrations.

White Rainbow checks in

Video of White Rainbow, ARP and Lichens’ improvisational accompaniment to Doug Aitken’s “Migration” Installation.

Adam Forkner, the guy behind maximum bliss-out drone project White Rainbow, has six different outlets by which enthusiasts of his inner space sounds can follow his activities. For those fans — such as your contributing editor — who were mostly oblivious to this WR media empire, Forkner has provided a digest update of his most recent activities on his old fashioned blog, or “Life Log.” Of particular interest:

• Upcoming shows with drone-happy lovebirds Windy & Carl take White Rainbow up and down the West Coast in late May 2009, with stops in Seattle, his home base of Portland, Big Sur and two shows here in Los Angeles. The Arthur Atwater office is raising its STOKED level to Red.

• Tracks for the next White Rainbow full length, New Clouds, have been delivered to the mastering dude, with a tentative September 2009 release date on Kranky.

• A WR collaborative EP with Stag Hare is due out “as soon as humanly possible” on Marriage Records.

Stag Hare you ask? Stag Hare is a crunchy fellow from Utah, and his self-released album Black Medicine Music was the best ambient trail mix of 2008. Thanks to Forest Gospel for being the first to hip us to these nuts and berries desert ragas. Don’t sleep. Though its rustling drum pattering and Juniper-scented driftscapes may have pleasantly soporific effects.

• And new White Rainbow music is available RIGHT NOW and FOR FREE by way of audioblog Raven Sings The Blues, which posted its first compilation, RSTB Presents Vol. 1, back in mid-March. The comp also has top ranking earth psych and noisenik sounds from Wet Hair, Plastic Crimewave Sound, Sic Alps and more. Go get it here.

• Forkner is considering “qutting pizza” for his health. We feel you bro.

And that’s just the White Rainbow stuff. Click here to check out the full post with info on all of his doings.

We’ve been hungry for new White Rainbow jams for awhile now, so here’s a few other Forkner curated emanations that we discovered deep in the Gooogles …

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