Nov. 4, London: Ginger Baker's 70th Birthday Jam at Jazz Cafe

Mighty Chris Goss will be joining Steve Winwood, Jonas Hellborg, Eric Clapton, Jon Lord, Charlie Watts, Courtney Pine, Kofi Baker, John McLaughlin and of course Ginger Baker at Ginger’s 70th Birthday Party Jam on November 4 at London’s famous Jazz Cafe.

Chris sez: “We’ll be covering 45 years of musical selections that span the career of one of the centuries most influential musical geniuses. It looks like we may be including a song or two from Masters of Reality’s ‘Sunrise on the Sufferbus’ as well.”

The night before the jam Ginger will be honored at a dinner hosted by Classic Rock Magazine.

Goss adds: “Since Ginger has been living in South Africa, this is a rare, mindblowing occasion to reunite with a dear friend and musical mentor that taught me so much.”

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7 thoughts on “Nov. 4, London: Ginger Baker's 70th Birthday Jam at Jazz Cafe

  1. Wish, oh do I wish, that I could attend!!!! Somebody pleassse make Ginger a decent cup of tea, for a b’day gift from me!!! lol~ peace & love to you all!!! 😀 Joyce Stanton, SYRACUSE NY, USA!! :o)

  2. Ginger Baker is and will be one of the people on this planet that will always be remembered as one of the greatest musical driving force talents ever…Graham Bond Org. , Cream, Baker Gurvitz Army, Hawkwind, Air Force etc. God all those albums truly stand the test of time. Own them all and listen to you often, thank you…Truly inspirational, f*%# yeah and still going strong at 70 ! Your day is blessed RAFR!

  3. Went last night. Good while it lasted but £66 (when times are tough) for a mere 45 minutes of live music is taking the fans, many who have travelled some distance, for one helluva ride. If Ginger can’t (understandably) manage more than 45 minutes, then surely his band could have.

    There was one special guest, Steve Winwood, who came on for two numbers and was great.

    Lesson learnt. Never again.

  4. Same here
    Nice concert while it lasted (though not very rehearsed).
    Can understand if Gingers health does not allow a longer show. But then The Jazz Cafe must see to it that the rest of the band or a supporting band would entertain the audience for some additional length of time. I don’t think The Jazz Café can justify the price for the show we received. And I will complain.
    No wonder the applause was pretty mute when the concert ended….everybody thought it was the end of first set when they left stage, a thank you and goodnight is the least you can do!
    We were 12 people coming from Denmark and we learned the same lesson as you NL.

  5. A complete lie, claiming that Ginger didn’t give a ‘thank you and goodnight’ before leaving the stage – he did both of those things. I won’t even get started on people thinking that the price they paid was a rip off or whatever. And claiming that Steve Winwood was the only special guest? Well what a slap in the face of the other musicians that is :/ ignorant, in my humble opinion.

  6. It was quite expensive for an hour or so of music but we had come to see a legend ! It was hard work standing for 2 hours before the set began , a bit of comunication would be good. At the Albert Hall the post up the times of the performance inc. support acts , intervals , etc so we know what is occuring. A short support would have entertained us and a few anouncements would have helped. We enjoyed the set and Steve Windward gave an excellent performance to close the show ! It would have been nice to know that there was no encore .

  7. This was one of the worst shows I have ever seen (and like most fans I am over fifty and didn’t think I was that fussy). Another reason that you should refund is that it was overbooked anyway – for £60+ we didn’t expect not to be able to get in the same room as the performance!! We had to view the band from the bar as you couldnt get in and we waited 2+ hours for the gig to start. The arrogant attitude of the musicians and staff was diabolical and all we got was about an hour’s music (out of tune and out of time – even Steve Winwood)! You may as well have put up a big sign saying leaving your money by the gangplank and piss off because that was how it felt!! Not even a cheery wave goodbye let alone an encore – but then he may have been ashamed at the poor show too – he should have been.

    Many people had travelled to see the show from all parts of the UK and from abroad too and had booked hotels etc hoping for a great night and a good weekend all we got was an expensive insult!!

    Glenn Donnelly

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