Arthur readers and alike, I spoke with Jay this morning and the sad news is circulating that guitarist Jack Rose (b. February 16, 1971) has passed on to the next realm. It’s with a heavy heart that I say this, but thoughts and prayers are with family and loved ones. He had fans around the world and everyone should know about Jack and his music.  His style is like no other.

“Now That I’m a Man Full Grown”


“Little Sadie”


photo at top of post by Dan Cohoon

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123 thoughts on “REMEMBERING JACK ROSE…

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  5. I’ve only been privileged to know Jack a few years but I consider him a true close friend and looked forward so much to further touring with him this coming year here in Europe.
    I was gutted when I got the news last saturday and am still finding it hard to get my head around it.
    Laurie and Jack welcomed me into their home and hearts and I thank them both for that.
    Michael Chapman

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  12. What terrible news. I played in a blues band w/ Jack when he was a teenager in Fredericksburg, VA…played bars where he wasn’t even old enough to drink! Following his career, I was amazed at where he had taken his music–many talk about being original but he did it. Rest in Peace, Jack.

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  14. I would tell this story but I think it’s best for nathan bowles to tell me about it but i was hilarious he ripped on sean boles for being in “some emo band” [algebra one]. pretty sure he’s still cool though. kind of crazy. i didn’t know jack until later .. we hung out at mike gangloff’s house after he and the black twigs played the cellar in blacksburg. great times but a memory from 1997 was doing laundry on south main street and seeing a flyer for a show i didn’t know about at the house i was about to move into. it happened to be the shadow ring at the old kent street house. the flyer was kind of rudimentary and said “flyer by wack age 26.” i think at this point he was in floyd. kind of crazy that it took me years later to discover pelt and of course his solo recordings. i had befriended mike in 2000 and interviewed him for the local radio station magazine which pelt had a large part in. all of it now is sort of like fokelore to some seemingly distant time in the 1990s not that was even that long ago but in terms of how information moves now it is. anyhow, i may as well tell the story now. hanging out with jack, nathan bowles, mike gangloff, and isaak howell (ie. jack rose and the black twigs) in ironto at mike’s place and listening to link wray’s mordicai jones after the gig with the twigs at the cellar which was free. not sure if anyone in the cellar in blacksburg even knew or appreciated what they were seeing that night. we were listening to it and the record ended and i was a little tipsy and i said “hey that dude kind of sounds like steven tyler man.” well i left right after that but nate said they were all rolling on the floor after that. i guess that was probably the least indie snob thing to say but hey the dude did. anyhow i guess jack thought that was great. he also was over the top when he hated something but i think a lot of times just to be who he was. he was unafraid to speak his mind and especially opinionated on things like that. anyhow rip jack. see you on the other side – greg

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