New Pete Toms comic 'PAWS'

(Hint: Double-click the comic to go FULL SCREEN)

Pete Toms is back with PAWS, another comic that blurs the line between fiction and reality.

The comic is essentially a horror comic about a guy that only experiences the outside world through television trying to sell an autobiographical screenplay.  It has all the same themes as my other comics, how people choose identity roles, the media’s effect on memory, how we mythologize our personalities, but this one has a lot more dogs and possibly werewolves, and jokes about how creepy sitcom laugh-tracks are.

I’m doing the same stuff as always, drawing at night, using my natural jazz dancing ability to put my kids through college during the day.

We found an interview Pete did with Ecstatic Days back in November where he talks about what’s abstract and what’s real.  Enjoy this 9 page preview and stay tuned to Pete’s website for the conclusion of the story!


8 thoughts on “New Pete Toms comic 'PAWS'

  1. I dig this the most. Seriously, I would do a Cool Hand Luke with this man’s comics, digging them, then happily undigging them just to have the pleasure of digging them again later.

    (The Cool Hand Luke digging metaphor worked better than an egg-eating metaphor because of the jazzbo slang of “dig,” but you know, if his comics were eggs, I could totally eat 50 of them, even if no other man could.)

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