Arthur Radio Voyage No. 4: SOUNDSCAPES. Ivy Meadows and Gustav Ernst meditate in the zen-like interior of the new Newtown Radio studio. Hairy Painter joins telepathically whilst building a float in New Orleans. We invite you to climb aboard the sonic airship…

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Download: Arthur Radio Voyage No. 4 SOUNDSCAPES 2-07-2010

5 thoughts on “ARTHUR RADIO VOYAGE No. 4

  1. hi Mika! I entered a playlist into the radio station system for this show but it just disappeared into space 😦

    will piece something together…though a lot of these songs are layered 2 or 3 at a time so may be difficult/have some holes…

    Context 70 – the radio show intro
    Lichens – Restoration of Temperament / The Orb – Spanish Castle in Space / Aosuke – Ping Pong Mann
    Aidan Baker – song from the album “Gathering Blue”
    Boredoms – Super roots 10 (played at 33rpm)
    Charles Curtis – ultra white violet light (side b) / Woods – party in the pines
    Cloudland Canyon – You & I
    Legendary Pink Dots interlude… off of “Ancient Daze”
    James Ferraro – Multitopia (side a)
    Gowns – cherylee
    Eden Express – Ocean Samba (Tristeza) / rainforest sounds
    Nite Jewel – Falling Far 7″
    Woo – Upside Down
    Jack Rose – Woodpiles on the side of the road
    Moon Duo – Killing Time EP
    Ilya Monosov – Cheating Heart Dub
    D.A. (Dallas Acid) – The Owl / Sun Araw – Hey Mandala! ( ? ? ) / loon sounds
    Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes – Alpes 1
    The George-Edwards Group – Planets and Stars

    –talking interlude–

    Chico Magnetic Band – Explosion
    Chubby Checker – Stoned in the bathroom
    (strange sounds interlude…)
    The Holy Experiment – Den himmelske Lovsang (not “Walking backwards into the future”… listen to the rest here
    Explorers – side a / Prince Rama of Ayodhya – Land of the Apocalypse Transcended / loon sounds
    Grippers Nothers Onseers – highway nighstalker overture
    Ariel Pink + Matt Fishbeck – The Castle
    Nurse With Wound – Rockette Morton
    Spectre Folk – toot! toot! (?)
    Charles Curtis – ultra white violet light (side b – continued) / Woods – party in the pines (continued…) / unidentified song with breathy vocals…
    Robert A. A. Lowe & Rose Lazar – Fantomoj de la Vitro Domo


    – camilla

  2. just wanted to point out that the Cheating Heart Dub is produced and sung by Preston Swirnoff. It appears on Monosov/Swirnoff Volume 4 on Eclipse. I think it should be listed as Habitat Sound System or Monosov/Swirnoff. Thanks so much for your support, Best wishes, Ilya

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