Hello cartoon friends,
This marks the beginning of CARTUNE XPREZ’s 2010 future television tour. After a wildly spiraling tour through Europe this past autumn we have returned to North America for more strange loops:
02.26 -Reno, NV – Joe Crowley Theater
02.27 -Oakland, CA – Lobot
02.28 -Los Angeles, CA – The Silent Movie Theater
03.04 -Santa Barbara, CA – Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum
04.03 -Minneapolis, MN – The Soap Factory
04.07 -Chicago, IL – The Nightingale
04.10 -Syracuse, NY – Spark
04.17 -Providence, RI – AS220

This program includes work by (click on each link to see a preview of their work):
Nate Boyce
Martha Colburn
Sebastian Buerkner
Rimas Sakalauskas
Christine Gensheimer
Brandon Blommaert
Jim Trainor
Allison Schulnik
David Daniels
and others…… Adding to the spectacle, Hooliganship will be premiering a new electroluminescent stage show to frame the whole scene.

At the end of this trip I will be heading to Europe to host a series of FUTURE TELEVISION events (the details are still in a dark foggy box). Check in the near future for details, or email me! I will be returning to the USA in the mid-summer….. so look for more USA shows to come then!



  1. CARTUNE XPREZ’s 3rd DVD compilation features 15 new and highly entertaining animations, including 8 shorts and 7 loops. Throughout the animations, a range of themes are presented. One story, called Peace Tape, involves rapid fire streams combining to make a portrait of internet psychedelia. Another animation, Buzz Box, uses clay to significantly amplify television carnage. The animation “Greycon4” is a dark science fiction story about amateur scientists who play with computers to “play God”. Surface Dive, another animation, is a visually aesthetic film inspired by a diving trip and contains more than 600 sculptures and 2200 drawings. The animation Springfield Eternal involves Bart Simpson growing old and young, over and over again. The DVD can be purchased through Microcinema International – Cartune Xprez.

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