Arthur Radio Voyage #12 with live set by Bow Ribbons

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This week Arthur Radio decided to set its boat out on a southward-flowing current, with special guests Pete Vogl and Willow Gibbons (who together make the musical duo Bow Ribbons) at the helm. We bid goodbye to the stone grey waves lapping around the edges of Manhattan, passed through the tepid manatee-filled waters of Florida, and traveled onwards until we reached the hot swells surrounding the coast of Brazil. The plan was to eventually catch up with a family of Humpback whales in Ecuador, to learn of their beautiful songs and hopefully join them in chorus.

We paused to relax on a calm patch of water by the beach, where tropical birds flitted about chirping messages to one another in nearby Pepper trees. Pete took out his guitar and sat next to Willow, who stood on the deck in the sunshine, ready to sing. Closing our eyes, we listened with the sun shimmering orange on our eyelids as Willow belted out the lines, “I will spend a lifetime in space, I will make a nest in this place…

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Download: Arthur Radio Voyage #12 with live set by Bow Ribbons

Contact to inquire about their first full-length album, coming out on vinyl in May 2010.

This week’s playlist…

Environments – Optimum Aviary
Skeletons TV – Autobus de Vallarta
Baiano & Os Novos Caetanos – Vo Bate Pa Tu / Javelin – Condor Naturale
El Remolon – Cola Lex (Dub Version)
Ruben Veizaga – Solo Cantando
Tim Maia – Primavera
The Invaders – Where We Are
Milton Nascimento & Lo Borges – Cravo E Canela
Caetano Veloso – De Conversa / Hermeto Pascoal – Música da Lagoa
J.K.S. – Laughing is Arise
Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 – Crystal Illusions
Jorge Ben – La Vem Ela
Satwa – Lia A Rainha Da Noite

[LIVE SET BY BOW RIBBONS @ 40 minutes]

Environments – Optimum Aviary (cont’d)
Dios – Tel Mi Theen
Aguaturbia – Heartbreaker
Alexander Longrifle – Dance With Me
Paloma Mensajera – Dirty Girl
Daniel Higgs – Leontocephaline Rhapsody
Inuits of the Arctic Circle (Lyrichord) – Side A
Pandit Pran Nath (The Voice of Cosmic India) – Earth Groove, Side A
Ducktails – Surf’s Up (live on WFMU)
Bismillah Khan & V.G. Jog – Ragas Midnight & Spring / Clementina de Jesus – Convidado Espeical: Carlos Cachaça, Side A / Anugama – Tropical Morning
Lucky Dragons – Clipped Gongs
Mit Nye Band – Fluid Druid

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