Arthur Radio Transmission #14: Cave Crawling

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Arthur Radio is moving from daytime into nighttime, now broadcasting live every Sunday from 9-11pm EST on Newtown Radio. This past Sunday we spelunked our way into the new slot, feeling our way blindly through the cavernous darkness until our purple-hued blacklights hit upon a a sparkling formation of phosphorescent rocks. We decided to sit for awhile and rest in their glow, listening as intermittent drops of water fell from nearby stalactites, echoing endlessly along the ancient limestone corridors from which we came…

Stream: [audio:
Download: Arthur Radio Transmission #14 4-17-2010

Songs played this week…

[DJ set by hairy painter + ivy meadows]

minerals – white noise
don cherry & jon appleton – boa
aidan baker – gathering blue, side c
iasos – lagoon night
second family band – returnreturnreturnreturnreturn
enumclaw – evening’s empire
double leopards – untitled
deviation social – she wants to be with manson
jonas reinhardt – near a mirrored pit a viper
white rainbow – major spillage
ken camden – raagini robot
mountains – below
dimensions – what the cats say
crazy dreams band – nightcrawler
ecstatic sunshine – herrons
andrzej slawinski – water planet
cristian vogel – underwater living
tangerine dream – ricochet
how to dress well – (looped excerpt)
robedoor – falle dawn
ghq – untitled
alps – saturno contro
–==alpha binaural beats==–
grass quilts / face plant – face quilt tape
forest swords – erroa
devo – coalmine
the five jones boys – mr. ghost goes to town
stooges – we will fall
patti smith – 7 ways of going
vincent price – to become a werewolf
exuma – paul simon nontooth
happy travelers – march theme
residents – sinister exaggerator
william burroughs – old man bickford
boris morgana – thirst of organus
y pants – we have everything
walter stedding – landing
irma thomas – it’s raining
cramps – green fuzz
moe tucker – bo diddley
ragas: streams of light – side a

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