Sat, June 19, Redcat: SAM GREEN's new film "Utopia in Four Movements"

“Sam Green has produced a brilliantly witty, but also moving meditation on our loss of faith in the dream of progress. Sam has created something completely original – a new form of live story-telling that draws you in emotionally in a way that traditional documentaries almost always fail to do. I loved it.”
— Adam Curtis, Director, The Power of Nightmares

Filmmaker Sam Green, best known for his work on the Academy Award-nominated Weather Underground documentary film, is bringing his new “live documentary” “Utopia in Four Movements” project to the Redcat Theater in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday, June 19th at 830pm. Sam narrates the film live, and the Brooklyn-based band the Quavers will be doing a live soundtrack. More info and advance tickets are available from

Click on the flyer to see it at full size…

Essay by author Rebecca Solnit about the project: “Big Utopias, Little Utopias”

Official “Utopia In Four Movements” site:

3 thoughts on “Sat, June 19, Redcat: SAM GREEN's new film "Utopia in Four Movements"

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  2. Flash Update:

    Esperanto has been nominated for three consequitive years for the Nobel Peace Prize by Swiss, Polish and British parliamentarians.

    A former Brazilian minister/secretary of education under Lula is proposing that Esperanto can be taught officially in any Brazilian public school.

    Audrey-There are negotitions for a showing in New York in the fall.

    Sam Green has done a good job on Esperanto.

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