"How To Find A Witch" by Inés Estrada

If you enjoy the comics you’ve been reading on the Arthur blog I highly recommend ‘GANG BANG BONG’ a new anthology compiled by Inés Estrada.  The first issue includes comics by Inés as well as new work by some of my favorite creators: Sua Yoo, Maureen Gubia, Ginette Lapalme,  Patrick Kyle, Ralph Niese and Zack Hazard.  Inés mentions that there isn’t a huge “alternative comics scene” in Mexico City which makes it even more awesome that she’s producing a bilingual comics anthology there.

“I live in the same place where I was born: Mexico City.  I like drawing, but I’m sure you know that already.  I’m fascinated by zines and self publishing, I really like the idea of making “art” an accessible and touchable thing.
I’m one half of Café con Leche, alongside with my boyfriend Roi.  We make things togethers like stories and songs and bastard monster kids out of textiles.
I’m also co-editor of the bilingual comic anthology Gang Bang Bong, and we released our first volume (of many to come!) this February.”
~ Inés Estrada

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