GREAT DARKNESS NATIONAL PARK by Maria Sputnik & Van Choojitarom

“Just because it is totally dark does not mean there is nothing to see.”

Maria Sputnik does the pictures. She’s been living in New York studying science writing and thinking about chromosomes and the moon. She misses Oregon. Van Choojitarom collaborated on the writing. He’s in Bangkok preparing to join a monastery. — Jason Leivian

Illogical Comics #7 – Thomas Toye

Thomas Toye is an artist living in Patterson, NY. He and his brother print all kinds of stuff out of a shed in their backyard. They both run Portal Prints. They are watched over by Gumpster Pussy and the Great Cobra.

I came across his art on one of Mickey Z’s blog posts.  I thought it was cute that he did two versions of a silkscreen poster, a Sega Genesis version with red blood and a SNES version with green blood.

He has self published 8 issues of Illogical Comics so far.  We decided to share issue 7 with you since it is out of print and otherwise unavailable.  All other back issues are available for purchase on his blog.

"Transcendental Police" by Marie Pohl

I came across Marie’s (or Marijpol) work in a German comics anthology called Orang.  I was immediately attracted to her confident, cartoony style and the mysterious symbolism encoded in her work.  On her website I found this funny series of illustrations called ‘Transcendental Police’.  We decided to start with this one because the translation was pretty simple and the humor works even without the translations.  Hopefully we’ll be sharing more from this talented artist in the future.

1.Transcendental Police
2. It’s a dogs’ choice
3. In rank and file – Parade ’93
4. In honour of Hannibal
5. Gunshots to happiness
6. The confession
7. Adam
8. Intuitive paperwork
9. The new Auromat
10. has no title…

I was born in Berlin in 1982, living in Hamburg now. I have published in several comic anthologies like Orang, Spring (Germany) and Canicola (Italy). This year my first book is gonna be published by avant-Verlag(the publisher). Its title is “Trommelfels” (that is a wordgame and aproximately means eardrum but also drum made from stone).

The book is about a frustrated elderly couple.They are archeologists working at a bizarre excavation ground in the desert. They are desperate to find something sensational at the end of their career. Which they wont. But there is somebody else who is stumbling across that sensation just by chance.

"But I Don't Want to Die" by Box Brown

Box Brown is a cartoonist living in Philadelphia, PA.  He sent us an email proposing a series of comics on different historical or philosophical subjects.  For the past year he’s been working on a project called “Everything Dies”, a web and print series about religion from the perspective of an atheist.  We decided to start with one of these but who knows where we’ll go next?

Looking over this comic, “But I Don’t Want to Die”, it may seem that I am a highly open to influence.  That may be the case, but when it comes to topics like this, the most important thing to remember is that if you keep your mind open a tiny little nugget of information can grow into a full blown philosophy.  I think that’s mostly whats going on here, lots of rumination.  So, beware when reading my other comics at and when you pick up the print issues of Everything Dies (all original content).

"Barfight" by Simon Roy

From Jason Leivian:

Simon Roy is a talented young artist from Victoria, BC.  I first noticed his work when Simon was on a book tour with Brandon Graham earlier this year.  He’s had some great science fiction comics published in Heavy Metal magazine and I highly recommend his debut graphic novel, Jan’s Atomic Heart.

Actron #242 by Stanley Lieber

Jason Leivian writes:

We’re pleased to present an issue length adventure by Stanley Lieber. Stanley Lieber is a comics factory, a house of ideas, a bullpen bullet, a Jim Starlin drawing, a Herzog documentary. He just finished a new novel, 1OCT1993. It’s a 6″x9″ paperback, 280 pages. (Preview at It’s retailing for $14.99. Next he’s compiling a comics anthology called FAKE which will contain the secrets of the internet’s true birthday.

“ACTRON #242 serves as a prequel to the still unfinished graphic novel, MY STRUGGLE.

Begun in late 2006, this project commemorates the 20th anniversary of the creation of ACTRON when I was in the second grade. Issue #242 represents the accurate numbering if I had continued to be publish the comic monthly since its inception in 1986.

Well, accurate if ACTRON #242 had been published in 2006.

Colorist Pete Toms helped bring this issue across the finish line just prior to the four year mark.

It’s entirely possible that MY STRUGGLE will be completed in 2011.”

"Untranslated" by Rosaire Appel

Rosaire makes lovely experimental comics written in abstract languages for the brain to decipher.

“untranslated” is an abstract comic with asemic writing.

It’s true I’m more interested in possibilities than conclusions. Is this a fault? Refining a possibility to the brink of resolution, keeping it in a state of suspension… The infinite combinations of writing and images make for a continual renewal of language.

"Black Shit Monster" by Victor Kerlow

Victor Kerlow was born, raised and educated in New York City and continues to live there, drawing full time. He has done work for The New Yorker, The New York Times, Random House and IFC and Redbucket Films. His work has been recognized by The Society of Illustrators and he edits and contributes to a Gutter, a comics anthology published by TV Books. His comics are available at Birdcage Bottom Books and you can see more of his work at and Chopped in Two.

"Pussy Jackson & The Lightning Queef" by P.B. Kain

Patrick Kain was kind enough to share this comic with us on the Arthur Blog.  Here’s a bit more about what he’s been up to:

I’ve been making mini comics and zines since 2006. Really small print runs only like 100 issues of each thing I’ve done. So, I try to make them more art books/collectables by doing silk screen and block print covers. My works been in Taffy Hips since issue 5… and in the upcoming issue of Secret Prison.

Right now I’m not working on any comics but I’m turning “Cave Dweller” a strip I have on my website into a short film for my animation class and the Columbus College of Art & Design. that’ll go up on my website in January.


taffy hips

secret prison


Lala Albert lives in Brooklyn where she does art and comics at night and on the weekends. During the week she works as the textile designer/whatever-else-they-need-her-for at a small fashion company in Manhattan.