New partytime hook-filled rock 'n' roll music: NOBUNNY

Download: “Motorhead With Me” — Nobunny


This here song is on the new, insta-classic Nobunny album First Blood, from the great Goner Records of Memphis, Tennessee. [Note: Looks like Goner is down for Gonerfest, try Midheaven instead.] It’s also the B-side to a new 7-inch from Hozac Records of Chicago, whose hype text from for this is so good/accurate that it’s pointless to write our own. Here it is:

Just as the rest of the modern world is warming up to the fuzzy pop nightmare of Nobunny’s debut LP, we’ve got the follow-up 7″ with two brand new songs that will bring back that virginal feeling “down there” and reinstate your faith in humanity. Sunshine Ramones pop run through a Kim Fowley diarrhea daydream that will have you mesmerized by it’s simplicity, and won over before the end of the chorus on the first side. Two more stone-cold classic Nobunny songs that’ll stick with you through the hard times and with laden with hooks so infectious that you’ll have to have them surgically removed from your brain.

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