AUCTION: Self-portrait by photographer Stacy Kranitz

“Me and my pretend boyfriend #2” by Stacy Kranitz

Photojournalist and Arthur contributor Stacy Kranitz writes:

I have been included in a self-portrait auction: “Face and Figure: A Curated Auction of Self-Portraits,” presented by Daniel Cooney Fine Art & iGavel Auction.

This self-portrait was made while working on a series of images, “The Lurkers” at a dystopian compound in southern Ohio. In the images I fetishize youthful abandon. The project illustrates the photographer’s longing for a lost youth. I use the camera to turn disturbing, vulgar and excessive events into desired activities.

The image, “Me and my pretend boyfriend #2”, reveals part of the process by which I came to get my images. I interact and immerse myself in the activities of the kids that surround me. I do the drugs they hand me and mimic their behavior with a longing to fit in. The self-portrait is evidence of this attempt. It also serves as a nod to the “The Ohio Project” by Nikki S. Lee.

The auction for this image goes thru October 27.

Go here to bid:

Stacy Kranitz:

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