A recommendation from Hooyman-Stark-Glantz

This is the second in a series of cartoons and prints called “Peter and Becky’s Fun Fun Slogans.”

Cartoon credits: Art by Kevin Hooyman. Song by Becky Stark. Directed by Peter Glantz. Animated by Kenneth Onulak. Sound recording by Suzanne Goldish. Produced by Peter Glantz and Imaginary Entertainment (imaginarycompany.org).

A limited edition print is available until Tuesday, Oct. 26. Kevin illustrated and colored this thing like an obsessed wild man. Act fast because they will sell quickly. Check it out at: tinyshowcase.com

Unsigned edition: justseeds.org

2 thoughts on “A recommendation from Hooyman-Stark-Glantz

  1. An ad for “BP: making things right in the gulf” just popped up on video while I was watching changing your relationship to nature. Now I’m going to change my relationship with the internet as I puke all over my computer.

  2. @flakeycakey That IS nauseating. I just blocked BP from advertising on my videos and made “Change Your Relationship To Nature” ad free until I can choose who the advertisers are. Thank you (and Jay) for bringing this to my attention. It just reinforces the whole point of the video, I think. I hope you watch it again and enjoy it without the ad.

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