A research plea from Arthur HQ

We’re desperately seeking a copy of BE NOT CONTENT: A Subterranean Journal by William J. Craddock, published in 1970 by Doubleday. It is long out of print and original copies are going for $300-$400, which is well beyond our price range. We just want to read the darn thing. If you can help, please let us know via Comments or email. Thank you.

For the curious: here’s Rudy Rucker writing on Craddock.

9 thoughts on “A research plea from Arthur HQ

  1. It’s in 219 libraries that are accessible through interlibrary loan to me in Oregon, and about 16 of those are in California. Shouldn’t be too much trouble. Have you tried WorldCat through your local library?

  2. David — I believe they (San Bernardino County Library) only do loans between branches within their system, and it is not in any of their branches.

  3. Alexander Street has it online. I can get to it via my school’s library, but can’t print it out (it is posted in page-by-page images). I’d give you my login, but you could divert my paycheck to the Arthur fund. If you know anyone in school, check with ’em.

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