Linda Perhacs, interviewed by Daiana Feuer at LAWeekly:

“Young people in their exploratory years are making choices. It’s the choice between following the good energy in the universe or choosing to forsake that and follow the opposite. Follow the opposite, the problems are going to be maximum.

“[Some people that I knew] were experimenting with things that did not allow their lives to go full-term. I didn’t participate in that. I don’t need it! But, yes, it was everywhere and we lost a few that we loved. … I’m sorry, it makes me cry to think about this. … One died from an overdose, another, I don’t know if he’s still on the physical plane. Of these two people that I thought were so strong, I am the one that ended up being the strong one.

“We are all in this together. It’s not new versus old. Artists are going to approach the same questions of the old world with the tools of the new world. Just hopefully they keep their balance with the organic. We have to remember that these technologies require a power source. Without that they go down instantly. That power source is not man-made. It comes from a higher place in the universe.”

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