Ben Jones from Paper Rad just sent over his latest cartoon.  It’s a new episode of PROBLEM SOLVERZ!  Horace, Alfe, and Roba are back to stop a nefarious Mayan ice cream mind control plot.  I love the homage to Saturday morning cartoons where every gang has a secret headquarters and every episode is just a problem to be solved.

Just think, this could’ve been a new Adult Swim series if they hadn’t left the decision in the hands of Burger King customers…  I read somewhere that it may end up as a Cartoon Network series.  Whose french fries do I gotta eat to make that a reality?

UPDATE: Problem solved.  We can look forward to a 13 episode season of THE PROBLEM SOLVERS coming soon to Cartoon Network.


9 thoughts on “New Paper Rad cartoon – PROBLEM SOLVERZ: THE MAYAN ICE CREAM CAPER

  1. Maybe the people who voted at Burger King actually wanted a good show instead of this crap?

    What were they thinking, turning down an unmitigated turd like this? Thank you, hipsters, for producing more quality entertainment to enjoy ironically.

  2. What happened to Cartoon Network producing GOOD tv show?!
    This looks like a group of guys got together, smoked some crack, then decided to make a show. I can see this generations children becoming mentally challenged because of this show, Chowder, Ben 10 and Johnny Test.

  3. one of the worst show i have ever seen
    No good plot line
    No character development
    No good animation
    No humor
    No seriousness
    Doesn’t make any sense
    And yet cartoon network thinks this is a good show. Please it looks like a 10 year old smoking crack drew and made this entire show.

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