Ben Jones from Paper Rad just sent over his latest cartoon.  It’s a new episode of PROBLEM SOLVERZ!  Horace, Alfe, and Roba are back to stop a nefarious Mayan ice cream mind control plot.  I love the homage to Saturday morning cartoons where every gang has a secret headquarters and every episode is just a problem to be solved.

Just think, this could’ve been a new Adult Swim series if they hadn’t left the decision in the hands of Burger King customers…  I read somewhere that it may end up as a Cartoon Network series.  Whose french fries do I gotta eat to make that a reality?

UPDATE: Problem solved.  We can look forward to a 13 episode season of THE PROBLEM SOLVERS coming soon to Cartoon Network.


Martha Colburn – "Join The Freedom Force"

“Casio Halbzeit” by Knalpot, directed by Martha Colburn from Floating World Comics on Vimeo.

Martha Colburn is a musician and filmmaker living in New York.  Through a collage of live action (paint-on-glass) animations, found footage and documentary filmmaking techniques, her films are a disturbing and at times humorous take on popular and political culture.

Among her dozens of short films she has also made videos for Deerhoof and Daniel Johnston.  Her latest video is for the Dutch band Knalpot and their song, Casio Halbzeit.  The film is hand made collage animation shot on 16mm.  “Animation is magical, it’s making gold out of glitter.”