Stop complaining — start organizing — please.

* * *

And to the paranoid gun freaks out there who keep doing comment board drive-bys:

1. Why yes, I know firsthand about high-powered guns and the culture around them — because I copyedited SWAT Magazine (edited by Danny Hansen) for nine months (five issues) in 1995, as well as Modern Gun magazine (edited by Jim Schultz) during that same period. It was an exercise in experiencing willful ignorance. I am grateful for the insights it gave me, even as I regret that I participated in that culture.

2. Why yes, I know about guns in the country/wild, *because that’s where I live*. A simple handgun might come in handy maybe once a decade. Not worth it. Grow up and use your brain. Learn the old ways of dealing with stuff.

3. Why yes, I know that most gun control is unconstitutional. That’s why I favor changing the Constitution itself. I favor repealing the Second Amendment.

4. Arthur Magazine is not going to sponsor a debate with you here. I am going to continue to delete your comments.

Jay Babcock
Arthur Magazine editor

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