APPEAL TO SONGWRITERS: Contribute to Michael Hurley’s anti-GMO “instructive record album”

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 3.11.34 PM

From Michael Hurley:

Those who know of the evils and outrages of Monsanto, biotech agriculture, GMOs… what we’re rallying for is to save our food and our bodies from this sickening plague. I’m collecting songs from songwriters to put together for an instructive record album. Then we’ll have a nice concert and a big fish fry, and cook up the last of the non-mutated salmon and good potatoes and beans.

Mail your contribution here:

Michael Hurley
℅ Arthur Magazine
POB 1307
Joshua Tree, CA 92252


Portrait photo of Michael Hurley by Liz Devine, published in Arthur No. 35 (Aug 2013), which features a gigantic, career-defining 11,500-word article on Hurley by Arthur Senior Writer Michael Hurley. You can buy a copy for $5 from a retailer near you, or order it via mail direct from us.

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