WHOA: Pink Floyd jamming in BBC studio during Apollo 11 lunar landing coverage, 1969

Description from YouTbe of clip: “An instrumental piece used for a tv-programme on the evening of the first moonlanding July 20, 1969. uninterrupted.”

This clip was apparently made by a fan in an attempt to simulate what s/he’d seen. The footage here is from a 1972 landing, the audio is from a bootleg recording of the TV broadcast.

David Gilmour tells The Guardian:

“We were in a BBC TV studio jamming to the landing. It was a live broadcast, and there was a panel of scientists on one side of the studio, with us on the other. I was 23.

“The programming was a little looser in those days, and if a producer of a late-night programme felt like it, they would do something a bit off the wall. Funnily enough I’ve never really heard it since, but it is on YouTube. They were broadcasting the moon landing and they thought that to provide a bit of a break they would show us jamming. It was only about five minutes long. The song was called Moonhead — it’s a nice, atmospheric, spacey 12-bar blues.”

More from David Gilmour at The Guardian, here.

More coverage at the New York Times

NYU New School Re-occupation Media Roundup

A steady stream of micro-news has been filtering in today about the reoccupation of 65 Fifth Avenue by students of The New School for Social Research. The best stuff out there at the moment can be found here, via the New York Times CityRoom blog:

[…] students at the scene described a tumultuous situation in which protesters were pepper-sprayed before being placed in handcuffs and loaded by police officers into the back of a white van, around 11:30 a.m. Mr. Browne said it was “untrue that pepper spray or mace were used in effectuating the arrests.”

A video (see above) shot by a freelance journalist, Brandon Jourdan of Brooklyn, showed about a half-dozen police officers standing near the door on 14th Street when it was pushed open from inside. The footage then shows officers shaking cans of pepper spray as they hold the door back, spraying inside the corridor, and then slamming the door shut. The footage showed an officer, a few moments later, lunging toward Mr. Jourdan’s camera, before swerving toward a young man standing on the street shouting. In the footage, the officer pushed the man’s face and knocked him to the ground before arresting him.

NY1.com reports:

Police have arrested 19 New School students who took over a university building in Union Square this morning, demanding the resignation of the university’s president and vice president and asking for more say in school policy. About 60 students from New School in Exile and the Radical Students Union had barricaded themselves inside the graduate faculty building at 65 Fifth Avenue between 13th and 14th Streets. […]

ArthurMag.com contributor and New School student Andy Folk was on scene showing his support:

“Our demand for them to resign is consistent with the faculty’s ‘no confidence’ vote in Bob Kerrey,” said student Andy Folk. “That demand was not met. Other demands were met, such as starting a socially-responsible investment committee, which Bob Kerrey is trying to bury in red tape. So, we need to show him by force and civil disobedience that students have a right over the school that they pay money for. This is just a demonstration of students taking back their space.”

Other sources to check out are Student Activism website. Also worth checking TWITTER SEARCH for the most recent occupation chatter.

UPDATE 7PM: Head down to Union Square South at 10PM tonight to show your support!

Today's Autonomedia Jubilee Saint – JULES DASSIN


Blacklisted, exiled American film noir director.

MARCH 31 holidays and festivals:
* Ancient Babylonia: SACRED DRAMA DAY, in which the King, in the role of Marduk, re-enacts the conquest of Tiamat, the watery chaos. 
* Islamic: MAWLID AN NABI, Muhammad’s birthday.

1492 — Ferdinand and Isabella expel all Jews from Spain.
1809 — Russian fantasist writer Nikoloi Gogol born, Sorochinetz, Ukraine.
1855 — Charlotte Bronte dies, age 38 and pregnant, Haworth, Yorkshire.
1926 — British novelist, essayist John Fowles born, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.
1959 — Tibet’s Dalai Lama, fleeing Chinese repression, seeks asylum in India.
1968 — U. S. Prez Lyndon Johnson announces that he will not seek re-election.
2008 — Blacklisted American film noir director Jules Dassin dies in Athens, aged 96

Today's Autonomedia Jubilee Saint – PAUL VERLAINE


Radical French decadent symbolist poet.

March 30 Holidays and festivities:

On this date:
1842 — Anesthesiac drugs first used successfully in medical operation.
1844 — French symbolist, decadent writer Paul Verlaine born, Metz, France.
1853 — Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh born Groot Zundert, Brabant, Netherlands.
1867 — U.S. buys Alaska from Russia, for two cents per acre.
1870 — Black men win the right to vote, U.S.
1925 — Anthroposophist Rudolph Steiner dies, Dornach, Switzerland.
1981 — U.S. Acting President Ronald Reagan shot in chest by John Hinckley, Jr.
1990 — Radical labor organizer Harry Bridges dies, San Francisco, California.

Today's Autonomedia Jubilee Saint – EMMANUEL SWEDENBORG


Swedish religious mystic, inspirer of utopianists worldwide.

March 29 Holidays/Festivals:
“BORROWED DAYS” begin. In calendar lore March is said to have stolen its last three days from April.

1772 — Swedish mystic Emmanuel Swedenborg dies, London, England.
1790 — Marquis de Sade freed by “demand of the people,” France.
1957 — British novelist Joyce Cary dies, Oxford, England.
1982 — Modernist composer Carl Orff dies, Munich, Germany.

Today's Autonomedia Jubilee Saint — JOHN BERESFORD


Canadian-based psychedelics researcher, drug-law reformer.

March 28 holidays:
EARTH HOUR: Turn off your lights.

Also on this date:
1515 — St. Theresa of Ávila born, Ávila, Spain.
1881 — Barnum and Bailey’s Circus formed.
1924 — Canadian based psychedelics researcher John Beresford born, England.
1939 — Spanish fascists under Generalissimo Francisco Franco take Madrid.
1941 — Virginia Woolf commits suicide, walking into the River Ouse.
1979 — Three Mile Island nuclear “accident,” near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
1985 — Russian born muralist Marc Chagall dies, Saint Paul de Vence, France.