Friday, September 25th at The Arm in Brooklyn, NY

Above: Stills from Nathaniel Dorskys’ film Sarabande

Hermitage is very pleased to announce the screening of Nathaniel Dorsky’s films Sarabande & Winter this Friday at The Arm in Brooklyn. Both of these films were completed in 2008, and shot on 16mm kodachrome.

“The films of Nathaniel Dorsky blend a beauteous celebration of the sensual world with a deep sense of introspection and solitude. They are occasions for reflection and meditation, on light, landscape, time and the motions of consciousness. Their luminous photography emphasizes the elemental frisson between solidity and luminosity, between spirit and matter, while his uniquely developed montage permits a fluid and flowing experience of time. Dorsky’s films reveal the mystery behind everyday existence, providing intimations of eternity. The latest films of this master filmmaker—Song and Solitude, Winter and Sarabande—continue his development of these profound traditions.” (Steve Polta, San Francisco Cinematheque, 2009)

Friday, September 25th – 9pm sharp (running time is 35 minutes)
The Arm
281 North 7th St. / Brooklyn, NY 11211