A journey into "Der Ochideengarten"

Here’s a buncha high-res cover scans from “Der Ochideengarten,” arguably the world’s first fantasy magazine, published in Germany 1919-1921, courtesy of our friend Will Schofield at A Journey Round My Skull. Click on images to greatly enlarge.




Some background on Der Orchideengarten from Will:

The World’s First Fantasy Magazine – Der Orchideengarten

Illustrations from Der Orchideengarten, the World’s First Fantasy Magazine

More images from Der Orchideengarten are up now over at John Coulthart’s feuilleton site….and Will has just added another clutch at A Journey Round My Skull! That should keep you busy.

More high-res cover scans after the jump…

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A Journey Round My Skull: Two Years and Counting

Tadanori Yokoo, koshimaki-osen, detail

A Journey Round My Skull, one of our favorite blogs covering “forgotten literature” and graphic design, recently turned two. Curator Will Schofield is revisiting selections from one of his archival posts about renown Japanese designer Tadanori Yokoo to mark the occasion, saying “One of the best things about viewing art online for me is the ability to stare at details for as long as I want to, and sometimes to blow up those details.” Click here and go stare as long as you like …

Serpent Power on A Journey Round My Skull



Philadelphian Will Schofield’s monumentally great A Journey Round My Skull blog (named for the first-person Hungarian account of early 20th century brain surgery) of “Unhealthy Book Fetishism” has long relished in the intensity of the gaze, a combination of fascination and repugnance which is almost psychedelic in its insistence.

His most recent posts have artfully combined lustfully sought-after images with utterly maniacal texts, so that the image here is given with with a longer section of this text called “The Process of Slow Digestion” by Mileton Barba.

“Dr. Spasmodeus Smugglington shrank back, his skin shriveled and every hair on his body bristled, his nerves contracted, his guts drew taut, when he saw the little red eyes, brilliant as rubies, and the shiny, bifurcated tongue, its movements accelerated by excitement, darting, zig-zagging wildly in a bold, vertiginous arc”

Dig through the archives and be jealous, amazed, confused and sickened in turns or simultaneously by Schofield’s research. But watch for whatever he does next.

A Journey Round My Skull


Will, the proprietor of the biblio-blog A Journey Round My Skull, describes his online venture as “unhealthy book fetishism from a reader, collector, and amateur historian of forgotten literature.” Which is pretty accurate though we’re gonna politely disagree on the unhealthy part. Last we checked, preserving and disseminating gorgeous “avant garde for the poor,arcane children’s literature and bizarre Japanese woodblock prints (like the awesome Utagawa Kuniyoshi piece up above) didn’t lead to the diabetes or rickets or anything like that. And it actually makes us feel pretty hale and hearty. Check out more of Will’s picks after the jump, with links to his original blog posts.

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