Kuipers tours his book on eco-warrior Rod Coronado

From Dean Kuipers:

Hi all — My new book, “Operation Bite Back” is out today (June 23) and I want to let you all know about the first reading, this Saturday, June 27, 5 p.m. at Book Soup,8818 W. Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood. Email info@booksoup.com

A far cry from the farcical and easily ignored rhetoric of green-capitalists, indigenous eco-activist Rod Coronado’s zine Strong Hearts, written entirely while imprisoned for an arson on a Michagan State animal-testing facility, is written with enough inteligence and compassion to remind any passive mind that our culture’s treatment of animals and the Earth is an undienable attrocity, and urges real action. Operation Bite Back details Coronado’s life, how his direct action against the vivisection, fur, and trapping industries helped spearhead the notoriety of the ALF and ELF, and how the movement he helped build “was ultimately forced to turn its back on him.”

(Above video starts at 43 seconds)

Kuiper continues his West Coast tour in July:
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