Know a Boomer who took LSD as a youngster and needs to take it again?

Maybe give them this bk for xmas…

The Acid Diaries
by Christopher Gray

CHRISTOPHER GRAY (1942-2009) was well known for his involvement in the 1960s with Situationist International, for his various radical writings, and as Swami Prem Paritosh, disciple of the guru Osho.

Toward the end of his fifties, Gray took, for the first time in years, a 100-microgram acid trip. So extraordinary, and to his surprise so enjoyable, were the effects that he began to take the same dose in the same way–quietly and on his own–once every two to three weeks.

In The Acid Diaries, Gray details his experimentation with LSD over a period of three years and shares the startling realization that his visions were weaving an ongoing story from trip to trip, revealing an underlying reality of personal and spiritual truths….

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