DAILY MAGPIE – January 21-23 MOSHEH – Yoav Gal


Another spot from HERE’s CULTUREMART 2009, spinning Moses, opera, video art, and modern dance. No worries for the secular, this production presents Moses’ biblical story like a spiritualized dream. The story focuses on the role of four women in Moses’ life to move the plot along…

HERE Arts Center, 8:30 p.m., $15, or 3 CULTUREMART productions for $35

DAILY MAGPIE – Jan 16-18 – Sonnambula – Michael Bodel


The HERE organization’s 2009 Culturemart Festival serves up a multidisciplinary art stew with its unusual and innovative productions.  Sonnambula mixes puppetry, voice, choreography, and construction on a willy-nilly journey of supposed binaries– human v. object, life v. lifeless and the like.

HERE Arts Studio, $15, or $35 pass for the whole, month long, festival shebang.