Dunja Jankovic interviewed by Emily Nilsson


Emily Nilsson interviews Croatian born comics artist/musician Dunja Jankovic on the Sparkplug Comics blog.  Click here for the full interview.

What are your main influences as an artist?

In a random order: 60’s and 70’s hairstyles, outsider art in every form, Constructivism, ceramics (even though I’m not making it, but I’d love to), street art and art in the woods, trashy you tube videos, photos from socialistic era, Yugo-nostalgia, thrift stores and flea markets, Kosmoplovci, Komikaze, indigenous art, masks, ritual dances, rituals in general, smoking cigarettes, quitting smoking and then starting smoking again, afghan war rugs, Indian rugs and art in general, music, green architecture, black olives, diving, diving, dying…