Dylan Williams interview on PROFANITY HILL

Jason Miles interviews owner/operator of Sparkplug Comic Books, Dylan Williams.

From Profanity Hill:

The truth is the Punk DIY thing is SO SO SO amazing to me. I hate mainstream society in so many ways. Everything I love is usually done by nuts. Sometimes they get accepted like Herge or Carl Barks but most of the time they are just seen as nuts. And they have to do it themselves. I used to feel so self conscious of that, in that typical comic way where you think you suck cause nobody likes you or wants you to be part of their world. But then I realized that is the root of punk, that you can’t “do it right” so you just end up doing it your way.


Dylan with his Grandma

Dunja Jankovic interviewed by Emily Nilsson


Emily Nilsson interviews Croatian born comics artist/musician Dunja Jankovic on the Sparkplug Comics blog.  Click here for the full interview.

What are your main influences as an artist?

In a random order: 60’s and 70’s hairstyles, outsider art in every form, Constructivism, ceramics (even though I’m not making it, but I’d love to), street art and art in the woods, trashy you tube videos, photos from socialistic era, Yugo-nostalgia, thrift stores and flea markets, Kosmoplovci, Komikaze, indigenous art, masks, ritual dances, rituals in general, smoking cigarettes, quitting smoking and then starting smoking again, afghan war rugs, Indian rugs and art in general, music, green architecture, black olives, diving, diving, dying…

'NURSE NURSE 4' by Katie Skelly (pt. 3/3)

Katie Skelly lives in New York City.  She works full time and is working on an art history M.A. so she does comics whenever she has spare time. Sparkplug distributes the Nurse Nurse series, and she hopes to have the fifth issue out very soon. Her website is calicocomics.com.  Arthur is pleased to present issue 4 of Nurse Nurse, which we’ll serialize in 3 parts.  Here’s pt. 1 and pt. 2.

Previously:  In issues 1-3, interplanetary nurse Gemma is sent to space to help heal atmosphere-poisoned colonists on Venus. She’s attacked by a butterfly farmer who experiments in aphrodisiacs and steals a top secret book, which gets her demoted to a mission on Mars. On the way to Mars, two space pirates, Bandit and Pandaface, hijack her ship and loot it for parts. Gemma discovers a way to escape the pirates but it lands her on a familiar adversary’s ship.

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Here’s an excerpt from David King’s new comic, The Shortest Interval.  The comic looks at the work of Max Planck, one of the founders of quantum theory, and the unique conditions that existed at the very very microbeginnings of the universe.  David’s at the San Diego Comic Con this weekend at the Sparkplug Comics table.  If you’re in the area say hello and pick up his new book!




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