Japanese landscape design studio EARTHSCAPE have created a giant travelling human-shaped herb garden.

Called Medical Herbman Café Project (MHCP), the garden arrives in shipping containers which convert into a shop and cafe at each location. Herbs are planted according to the parts of the body they can benefit.

Here’s some text from Kobayashi:

“Herbman carries his trunk (the container) as he travels, bringing good health and giving dreams to children wherever he goes. This is the vision of our project. Herbman is a person-shaped herb garden. Various herbs are planted in this garden. Herbs are planted on Herbman’s body according to their effects: for example, herbs that aid digestion are planted in the stomach area, and herbs that work to relieve shoulder stiffness are planted in the shoulder area. In this way, Herbman acts as a kind of herb dictionary. Just by looking at Herbman, people can learn which herbs work for their trouble spots. We also plant herbs that grow naturally in the locale, so that our herbs are constantly changing, and a site-specific Herbman is born in each locale.”

More text and photos:

Hipped to this via Stephanie S.!