they sat with this reality

Igloo Show!

Hey remember that f.e.y venue “apocalyptic opposite-igloo” show in Portland, OR that we wrote about here back in October? The one with Diane Cluck and Anders Griffen? Larissa and Tiger — the founders of the traveling f.e.y venue — sent us that panoramic picture up top (click it for the widescreen version) to give us an idea of what went down. Judging from the full collection of snaps they’ve got up on their Flickr page, it looks like a high time was had by all.

And oh yeah: They’re gonna do another one! Larissa writes:

should be in march
looks like it’ll be a music/video/sculpture collaboration
inspired by haeckel‘s biological drawings

Which sounds awesome. In the meantime, check out this massive online archive of plates from Haeckel’s Kunstformen der Natur.



Diane Cluck & Anders Griffin

Malcolm Rollick

The Unwin-Dunraven Literary Ecclesia

October 29, 2008: 7pm

Donations Appreciated

8335 NW Whitney Ave
Portland, OR 97217

Just over the Saint Johns Bridge, and in the thick of Oregon’s temperate rainforest exists an apocalyptic opposite-igloo designed and built by f.e.y founders Tigerlilly Holyoak and Larissa Hammond. This “igloo” reflects the current state of the forest. Trees are suffocated by invasive ivy causing them to lean at impressive angles and eventually crash to the ground. Spiders build their webs again and again, seemingly undeterred by the surrounding destruction. It’s a beautiful forest that demands reverence for all it has lost and all it still offers.

f.e.y invites you to sit with this reality; to listen to the prophecies of The Unwin-Dunraven Literary Ecclesia and musical un-resolutions of Malcolm Rollick and Diane Cluck. Show goers are encouraged to bring their own art for display on scattered boards or, perhaps, to bury in the ground.