"Pussy Jackson & The Lightning Queef" by P.B. Kain

Patrick Kain was kind enough to share this comic with us on the Arthur Blog.  Here’s a bit more about what he’s been up to:

I’ve been making mini comics and zines since 2006. Really small print runs only like 100 issues of each thing I’ve done. So, I try to make them more art books/collectables by doing silk screen and block print covers. My works been in Taffy Hips since issue 5… and in the upcoming issue of Secret Prison.

Right now I’m not working on any comics but I’m turning “Cave Dweller” a strip I have on my website into a short film for my animation class and the Columbus College of Art & Design. that’ll go up on my website in January.


taffy hips

secret prison


Lala Albert lives in Brooklyn where she does art and comics at night and on the weekends. During the week she works as the textile designer/whatever-else-they-need-her-for at a small fashion company in Manhattan.


"Perceived Obsolescence" by Lane Milburn

Lane Milburn was born in Lexington, KY and studied Painting at the Maryland Institute College of Art. He currently lives in Baltimore, MD. He is currently at work on a long science fiction graphic novel that is coming along in fits and starts.

His new book DEATH TRAP was the winner of a 2009 Xeric Grant. It contains two stories: Perceived Obsolescence (a full color sci-fi short) and Death Trap, a 104 page horror tale of a group of teens who venture into the woods for a night of partying….only to encounter a strange evil… DEATH TRAP is available from Sparkplug Comics ( http://www.sparkplugcomicbooks.com/ ) or directly from Lane at: http://closedcaptioncomics.blogspot.com/2010/03/death-trap-has-arrived.html

"The Regular Man" by Dina Kelberman

Dina Kelberman’s first collection of comics and illustrations, Important Comics, will make you think and laugh. Also she has just released the tenth issue of The Regular Man. What else is Dina up to? I’ll let her tell it:

I am an illustrator comics and drawings and website. I enjoy blue, red, yellow and green when used correctly. I got to: go to Purchase College; found Wham City; show work in lots of places and publications; tour the east coast with my friends. Please email me at dina@whamcity.com immediately.
New projects I gots on the burner include: going to SPX in Sept., a book of my Citypaper comics, illustration for the next Nuclear Power Pants album, comics in Friends With Benefits (ltd. edition handmade art book by Impose Magazine) and Fakeheads Anthology, video on Baltimore vs. The World DVD by Current Gallery, & ISBN numbers!

"Solution" by Stanley Lieber

Stanley Lieber is a comics factory, a house of ideas, a bullpen bullet, a Jim Starlin drawing, a Herzog documentary.  Check out his website to preview his new book, The Abandonment of Cruelty.  He’s currently compiling a comics anthology called FAKEwhich will contain his new Actron novella, ACTRON: MY STRUGGLE.  We will serialize the following chapters here on Arthur:
This week’s chapter is the first half of SOLUTION (colors by Pete Toms).