CocoRosie Vid

Excerpt from Antony Hegarty’s Op-Ed via Stereogum:

“It is no surprise that as the sea turns black in the gulf with no end in sight in the midst of the biggest ecological disaster in US history, CocoRosie are the only ones to hit the zeitgeist with an album filled with psychic omniscience, entitled “Grey Oceans.” And yet it seems to be the album the indie US press doesn’t want to talk about. Bianca and Sierra Casady paints pictures of lost children across a broken land, feral, elemental spirits who roam the dreamscapes of our world, naming perpetrators, painting their memories, recovering and reclaiming power. They are unafraid to manifest their vision that the application of magical creativity could be a balm for aching souls in a struggling world.”

[Hey true believers: CocoRosie were profiled by Trinie Dalton in Arthur No. 10 way back in 2004! Still available at the Arthur Store for $5 postpaid… —Your friendly neighborhood Arthur Editor]

Daniel Locke 'Spring 09'

Next in the Arthur Comics round-up!
Here is a strip Daniel drew last year called ‘Spring 09‘.

About Daniel Locke:

Daniel Locke is an artist based in London and Brighton UK. He works as an illustrator and teacher, and was a sketch artist on the UK version of the
reality TV show Dating in the Dark. He is currently Artist in Residence at the St Martins project in Islington, London. He used to make videos and
installations, but these days confines himself to comics. His work can be seen at

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