Arthur Radio Transmission #39 w/ SALVIA PLATH

In this second-to-last episode of Arthur Radio, Gustav Ernst (host of experimental documentary radio show Tesla Effect on Newtown Radio) joins Ivy Meadows for an extended Buddhist prayer remix, after which Salvia Plath, host of Rats Live On No Evil Star, historical figure and documentarian, spins songs from Tibet via internet, treads the waters of Brazil, and shares field recordings from Brooklyn and Baltimore, keeping all vinyl running at a steady 33rpm while staying true to the phase shifts in her synesthetic life. She invites musician and sculptor Cammisa Forrest to share the studio. Forrest’s transitions between Salvia’s tracks create an immersive audio reality of wordless harmonic overtures.

“Our language is classical, and we do our best to apply it to quantum mechanics.” Neils Bohr

Cammisa Forrest is working on multiple creative projects. She is currently constructing a frequency sensitive color mixer as part of the ExiTrip project.
She also has a forthcoming documentary about the performance space ParlsLondonNewYorkWestNile. You can see the trailer below.

Photo by Will Crofoot

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DOWNLOAD: Arthur Radio #39 w/ SALVIA PLATH 2-20-2011

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Today's Autonomedia Jubilee Saint – NASREEN HUQ

April 24 — Nasreen Huq
Visionary leader of Action Aid for women, Bangladesh

*Mangum, Oklahoma: Rattlesnake Day
*Alton, Illinois: Native Son Day

1731 — British writer Daniel Defoe dies, London, England, hiding from creditors.
1897 — Cultural anthropologist Benjamin Whorf born, Winthrop, Massachusetts.
1947 — American prarie novelist Willa Cather dies, New York City.
1990 — Hubble Space Telescope launched from Space Shuttle Discovery
2006 — Nasreen Pervin Huq, feminist activist, dies, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Excerpted from The 2009 Autonomedia Calendar of Jubilee Saints: Radical Heroes for the New Millennium by James Koehnline and the Autonomedia Collective