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SAD: Jay Reatard cause of death: cocaine toxicity, alcohol

FINALLY: huckster creep James A. ‘Harmonic Wealth’ Ray indicted for October 2009 Sedona sweatlodge deaths

AC/DC new singer tells Bono, Geldhof to stop telling their fans to do charity (understandable sentiment). He sez, “I don’t tell everybody they should give money—they can’t afford it.” Of course, one of the reasons they can’t afford it is… they’re stuck working in the sick Walmart system that AC/DC goes out of their way to profit from.

Now it’s Giant Robot Magazine that is ailing–asking $60k to stay afloat—donate info:

Harper’s is also ailing—”readership down 35k, newsstand sales plummeting” but still funded by the MacArthurs. (Wow: according to that NYT article, Harper’s has 18 people on full-time editorial staff. That’s an awful lot.)

Global Monoculture Update: “One of the world’s oldest languages has come to an end”

Erik Davis tipped us to “The Magical Basis of Corporate Personhood” by author Dale Pendell

JAY REATARD, 1980-2010


Above: Jay Reatard, gone far too soon

“Memphis musician Jay Reatard runs ‘out of time’; dies at 29” — news article at Memphis Commercial Appeal

October 2005 interview with Jay from the LARecord:

Jay Reatard was about 15 when he started the Reatards, who were the brightest young scum in the Memphis rock ‘n’ roll scene. After several frightening albums recorded on his famous broken four-track, he purchased some old keyboards and started a new band called the Lost Sounds, but they finally broke up and now Jay is back as a Reatard and playing some of the first songs he ever wrote. He speaks now while recovering from a 33-hour Greyhound ride to the West Coast to start the first tour…. Read on at LARecord