Monday Evening Awesome African Tape

Another awesome tape from Africa, courtesy of the blog of the same name. Karamoko Keita does mellow guitar jamming with male-female call and response vocals. “This tape is legendary in my world,” writes ATFA proprietor Brian Shimkovitz. He continues:

I bought this tape in a neighborhood in Accra, Ghana. Known for its high concentration of people from other West African countries, Nima is one of the busiest, and toughest, places in town. Several tape shops lie along the main road that bisects this enormous slum. The shop where I found this Karamoko Keita recording has tapes you can’t find anywhere else in the city, tapes from Nigeria, Mali, Ivory Coast…that shop is chill.

Head over to Awesome Tapes From Africa to access the full 41 minutes of African guitar bliss.