Sunday, September 27th at The Cinefamily Silent Movie Theatre in L.A.

José Antonio Sistiaga: Ere Erera Baleibu Icik Subua Aruaren
(w/ new live score by Savage Republic)

“Basque abstract artist José Antonio Sistiaga painted directly onto film with homemade inks to create this silent 1970 feature. But Sistiaga’s strangely titled work… is different from the films of Stan Brakhage, who didn’t come to film from painting and had his own rhythm. […] [I]ts combination of color and 35-millimeter ‘scope (with about half an hour in black and white) yields the kind of spectacle one associates with musicals and [science fiction] epics.” — Jonathan Rosenbaum

A hand-painted masterpiece of the 1970s; a legendary band of the 1980s. Sistiaga’s rarely-screened ere erera baleibu icik subua aruaren is a work of uncompromising beauty that absolutely deserves a wider appreciation. Savage Republic, one of the unrecognized godfathers of post-rock, formed roughly three decades ago in the midst of the Los Angeles punk rock scene and abruptly disbanded in 1989. In recent years, they’ve reformed and their unique sound (somewhat akin to a Middle Eastern surf band backed by the rhythm section from Joy Division) is as compelling and inexorable as ever. Original members Ethan Port and Thom Fuhrmann, joined by Alan Waddington and Kerry Dowling, will perform their newly commissioned score to Sistiaga’s prodigious work (presented in a stunning 35mm print from Paris.) DJ Michael Stock of Part Time Punks will be on-hand to man the decks, spinning tunes during the pre-show!

Sunday, September 27th – 7PM
The Cinefamily Silent Movie Theatre
611 N Fairfax Avenue / Los Angeles, 90036

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DAILY MAGPIE – February 26th at THE SMELL (L.A.)

Need a break from the physical world? Come to The Smell and let yourself dissolve into the soft, murky synths and sound effects of Silk Flowers (featuring ex-members of Soiled Mattress and The Springs). Relax on a cloud of dream-like meanderings from City Center and Former Ghosts. If you find yourself drifting away, Tik Tik is there to jolt you awake.

Date & Time: Thursday, February 26th – 9PM
Venue: THE SMELL (L.A.)
Location: 247 S. Main Street / Los Angeles, CA 90012 (For driving directions, go here)
Price: $5

DAILY MAGPIE – February 2nd at THE SMELL

The time is NOW! Climb aboard the the glowing ship and launch yourself into THE FUTURE with the combined sonic explorations of GANG GANG DANCE, HAUNTED GRAFFITI, and L.A.’s synth-pop sorceress NITE JEWEL. Once you return to earth, be sure to chronicle the tales of your travels so that others can live vicariously through your experience.

Date & Time: Monday, February 2nd
Venue: THE SMELL (L.A.)
Location: 247 S. Main Street / Los Angeles, CA 90012 (For driving directions, go here)
Price: $7