In NYC – Radar Eyes Hallucinogenic Prints Show


If you’re in NYC tonite:

RADAR EYES, an exhibition of hallucinogenic prints curated by Canadian printmaking duo Seripop, Chicago gallerist Reuben Kinkaid, and The Space L.I.C. will open Friday, November 6th, 7pm at Fardom Gallery, 25-17 41st Avenue, Long Island City. Around the corner, a secret space will stash many more prints and a new installation by NYC artist Sakura Maku. Gallery goers will enjoy an exciting dual-opening of hundreds of works evoking altered states, perpetual distortions, and outright hallucinations.

Including works by Le Dernier Cri (Marseilles, France), Xander Marro and Lief Goldberg (Providence, RI), Dutch Illustrator Zeloot, Minneapolis-based Danimal, and Seripop (Montreal), this show offers a mind-expanding aesthetic experience for all.

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'CHAMELEON CITY' by Léo Quiévreux

Léo Quiévreux’s Chameleon City recalls the inky pleasures of early Kaz, Charles Burns, or Max Andersson.  Maybe this is that amalgam, vaguely European city I find myself dreaming in from time to time?  Always changing, but undeniably familiar…  Recently published in a Latvian magazine, Léo is happy to share this story with readers from other countries.  His new book, La Prothèse HRZ, is available from Le Dernier Cri.

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