“When quiet, plot the bee’s course, mapping out the sweet spots”

A full-page piece of artwork by Leif Goldberg was published in Arthur No. 9, back in March 2004. Here’s a new interview with the great transnaturalist, now living in Vermont…

Q: Can you describe your artistic process a little?

A: It’s called the hollow frog approach. You hollow out a frog and then climb inside. Try to see through the frog’s eyes. Then, wish very hard that you were a salamander that could always change to bend around its surroundings. Listen like a deer, for shifting timbres from the earth’s crust, and move carefully. When quiet, plot the bee’s course, mapping out the sweet spots. Arrive like airplanes on autopilot at La Guardia. Dial it in and let it happen.

More at the Cinders Gallery blog

Excerpt from FLOWING WELL Issue 4, edited/published by Leif Goldberg and Erin Rosenthal

Providence, Rhode Island-based artist-naturalists Leif Goldberg (National Waste, Paper Rodeo, Free Radicals) & Erin Rosenthal are editing and self-publishing “Flowing Well,” a homemade seasonal newsletter for friends. Here are two excerpts from the front and back of the current issue. Click on each image to enlarge…

Flowing Well #4 excerpt-1

Flowing Well #4 excerpt-2

“Flowing Well” subscription info: $6 per year (four issues). Send well-concealed bills to: LG & ER, 42 Temple St., Providence, RI 02905.

It’s time to make root beer!