May 30: WizardFest Open Desert Concert in Locomotive Springs, Utah


WizardFest will be held on Saturday, May 30th 2009 at Locomotive Springs in north western Utah. This is a free musical event in an open desert setting. There are no services at Locomotive Springs and there will be nothing for sale at WizardFest, so bring the basics: food, water, appropriate clothing, etc. We ask that you please leave your dogs at home. Look at the map and read the directions linked to this site so that you don’t get lost and miss it! The music will start at 3:00 o’clock and will continue until the sun goes down. This year’s line up will consist of Get Stakerized! Dos Hombres Van A Morir, Sunday School, Ben Thunderblood, the mysterious magic of Matt Bruce, a Dracula in the old west puppet show, After The Party, Antelope Island, and Reciprocal Redux. This year we are happy to present the Boxcar gallery featuring prominent and obscure painting, printing, photography and..? The museum will display geography, local history, and some incredible authentic Voodoo artifacts. We are holding this event in the spirit of fun and freedom, and we sincerely hope to bring people together for a very unique and memorable time, so come and join us for Wizard Fest!

Directions: You can access Locomotive Springs from I-15 by taking the Corinne exit and traveling west on Hwy 83 towards Thiokol, then west at Lampo junction (Promontory), past the Golden Spike National Monument, Howell Valley junction (end of paved road) and staying on the county gravel road traveling west for about 25 miles. Signs are present to help direct you on the county road.

Saturday, May 30, 3:00-sundown
Locomotive Springs
FREE, but bring water and vittles